Monday, May 08, 2006

ClickBank Profit Feeds Generator Review, Part 1

A few months have pass by. Well, I've learned a lot about something else but I'm not going anywhere with RSS technology until recently. I stumbled across this software and since I have all the thing that the software needs, I better get the software to use as I'll be wasting my time if I don't. The software is called the ClickBank Profit Feeds Generator. I can't recall where I found it but I got it somewhere. Of course installing it was easy as installing Wordpress, however using the tools is a bit confusing as I still don't understand what RSS is truely about.

So, I spent my weekend trying to search for information which could lead me to understand what and how to utilize this RSS technology. Since the last 3 months until today, if you asked me, I will say that RSS is still the same as what I've learned the last time. It's all about getting the latest news into a reader so that you don't have to go access the website of your favourite. However, that's from a user point of view. Now that I have this tool, I need to know how do I deliver that content to the reader or to a website which publishes feeds from other site that feeds the latest news.

Update on my RSS discovery pretty soon.

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