Wednesday, November 16, 2005

An Excellent RSS Resource

I've found this excellent resource if you want to know about RSS. Here's a screenschot of it:

Image hosted by

HOW TO: Getting Started with RSS

If you have any feedbacks, tell me about it. While I still have a lot of free time now, I think I'll contact anyone who gave me comments. Drop me a line, shall ya..

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Benefit of RSS

I have to be honest. I am sometimes, a lazy person. I hate doing duplicated jobs or doing things the hard way. Heck, I think everyone doesn't like it either. So, normally what we all do is, we find ways to automate as many things as possible to leverage our limited time that we have in a day. In today's world, we are constantly expose to changes. Whether we like it or not, we have to adapt to certain type of changes in our life.

After I learned about RSS for nearly a week now, I've been using it ever since. I have save a lot of my time just looking on my 'feed reader' or My Yahoo to see if my favourite blog is being updated, or not. I don't really read the news as I think reading the newspaper is more fun during my weekends.

I am an e-mail addict. Whenever I am online, it is compulsory for me to check my e-mail accounts. I have several e-mail accounts, each has its different type of use. When you have e-mail accounts, you normally subscribe to various newsletter. I subscribe to dozens of them. Most of the time, I just skim the headlines and see which one catches my interest then would I read its content. There are blogs who you can subscribe to receive their updates. After knowing this RSS, I have cancelled the e-mail subscription and subscribe to RSS/XML subscription. It is so much easier.

That's the two most biggest benefits that I've experienced so far after a week of using RSS features. I haven't write about how to subscribe yet, but I'm sure going to write 'How To Subscribe To My Blog using RSS subscription' in my next post. I'll put on some pictures for a more comprehensive information. Till next time..

Friday, November 11, 2005

RSS Stands for Really Simple Syndication

I have heard about RSS before but never bothered to learn about it. I heard all the hype of blog and ping but I never thought RSS is quite simple. I am a lazy person, if there are tools that can feed me while I wouldn't have to lift a finger, I would probably fork out all my money and buy it. The keyword here is 'feed'.

Let's move on to what I have to say about RSS. If you are interested to read about RSS, the best place to read in at Wikipedia. I don't want to waste time here. Apparently, I found out that even people who have blogs don't really know what RSS is. I happen started to learn about it last week. So I'll record everything that I've learned in this blog. Hopefully, anyone who happen to read this blog would benefit something from my RSS exploration.

I've posted a few posts on my personal blog about RSS. You can check it out by clicking on the listed link below:

RSS?What The Hell Is That??

RSS?What The Hell Is That??(Part 2)

If you are lazy but really wanted to learn about RSS and how to utilize it for your blog reading convenient. Then I suggest you first get an account for Google Reader (I personally use this eventhough there are lots of experience RSS user don't really like this tool) and learn how to use it by watching this free flash video tutorial on How To Use Google Reader.

I'll write again on my next RSS exploration adventure..